Sample & Tips for Writing Conclusion for Project Work

The conclusion for project appears at the end of your writing process. However, it is one of the most important segments of a paper. It sends off the reader, especially determining whether he will agree with your point or not.

A project conclusion also ties all the loose ends in your discussion. It combines the findings of the Literature Review and Data Collection sections. The conclusion will convince the reader to support your point or dissuade him, resulting in the dismissal of your findings.

Expert guide on how to write a conclusion for a project

  • Complete the body of your paper

The conclusion is meant to summarize the ideas discussed in the body of your paper. It explains why one of the tips on how to write conclusion of project is to complete the body. You will have an idea of the points that you are summarizing. If the conclusion is written before you have finalized the body, the changes made in the body will affect your conclusion. It becomes an unending spiral of corrections.

The conclusion also comes after the introduction. Remember that you can write the introduction after finishing the body. With the introduction and the body, you have a better idea of the points you are summarizing in the conclusion.

  • Refer to the thesis statement, research question, and hypothesis

The conclusion is an affirmation of the assertions made in the hypothesis, research question, and thesis statement. The two must be related directly. One of the tricks on how to write conclusion for project is to demonstrate how the hypothesis was affirmed. You show that data answered your research questions, making your thesis statement correct. You use the chapter to show the connection between the ideas you were investigating, the data you collected, Literature you reviewed, and the conclusions you made.

  • Summarize findings from all data collected and literature reviewed

A conclusion is the summary of all the research you have done towards proving your point. As you will notice from the how to write a conclusion for a project example, the section builds bridges between all the chapters in your paper. The connection comes in the form of a summary, one that is a few paragraphs long. By reading the conclusion, a person should make sense of your entire discussion.

  • Keep it short

A conclusion is a summary. It does not offer room for you to introduce any new ideas. It should only be a page or two long for a dissertation that runs into hundreds of pages. For a short essay, you are expected to conclude the discussion in a paragraph.

  • Write it last

A conclusion captures the ideas discussed in your paper. For this reason, it should appear last and be written at the tail end of your project. You cannot conclude an essay then return to manipulate the body. Such manipulation will affect the validity of the conclusion.

  • Make it logical

Make a logical conclusion based on the findings you got in your data analysis and Literature Review. The reader must also feel that he would have come up with the same conclusion if he was the writer based on the data presented. Here is a project conclusion example to guide you when writing:


It is evident that a visit to the gym is not a guarantee for weight loss. Genes have a huge role to play but lifestyle also affects the rate of weight gain. With the support of friends and family members, it is easier to lose weight and maintain a healthier body. Above all, personal will determines the weight issues a person has to deal with.

From the sample conclusion of project paragraph above, you can see reference to the data provided earlier. It also points to different dimensions of the discussion- lifestyle, genes, and personal will. The conclusion is the best paragraph to wrap up a discussion.

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